We offer a lot of training services ranging from one to one tuition to workshops with professional photographers and models

About the training

workshop workshop

We offer extensive training sessions with our in house professional photographers as well as holding training days with top professional photographers and models.

Training topics available

  • One to One tuition sessions with a professional photographer and model
  • Learn how to use your camera by getting out of "Auto" mode
  • Lighting workshops
  • How to work with a professional model
  • Composition techniques and ideas
  • Mix natural light with strobe for stunning effects
  • Use your 35mm film camera, how to develop the film and create prints
  • How to control depth of field
  • How ISO, shutter speed and apertures work with each other for correct exposures
  • White balance techniques and shooting with coloured gels
  • Photoshop and Lightroom techniques for post production

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